Do you ever wonder how dogs end up at our shelter?


Do you ever wonder how dogs end up at our shelter?

We often receive calls about sick or injured dogs and, of course, we take them in for treatment. If we can provide them a better life than where they came from, they will stay with us.

Sometimes dogs get dumped or abandoned near our shelter so we take them in and have them vaccinated and sterilized.
If they were to bring the mother dog to us we would spay her at no cost at our free of charge clinic. That way they could avoid dumping dogs in the future.

We also take in puppies born in high traffic areas or dangerous locations. Sometimes an older dog we have been feeding for years becomes sick and needs treatment. In both such instances, our daily feeding route helps us closely monitor the health and well being of the street dog population in our area.

Once a dog comes to TMTRD they are treated with compassion and love, and given every chance possible for a happy healthy life.

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