Meet the Caretakers!


At TMTRD we have 10 caretakers who work in our five main shelter areas. Each section has an average of 100 dogs and does not include the dogs in our Care Unit and Quarantine Unit.
Shelter One is staffed by Auntie Noon, Joey, Fei, and Bank. This section is divided in two, one area reserved for most of our senior dogs.
Shelter Two is attached to our central kitchen where Auntie Muu prepares the food for nearly all the dogs in the shelter. Jason, Mo, and Rueng also work in Shelter Two, caring for the dogs and delivering food throughout the sanctuary.
Shelter Three and Four, two of our newer extensions, are attached to the nursery for younger dogs and a transition area for dogs newly entering our shelter. These two areas are staffed by Miss Boom and Miss. Gop.
Our Caretakers do many things but a better part of the day is spent cleaning, feeding, and walking dogs. They also administer medication and assist the veterinary staff during their daily shelter walk-thru. They’re trained to observe any changes in the dog’s behaviors and to keep an eye out for any injuries or medical issues that may arise. Socialization is another important and necessary part of the job, and that’s everyone’s favorite duty!
The days in Thailand can be long and hot and the work is not always easy. To be a TMTRD Caretaker is not just a job, it’s truly a labor of love. We’re happy to have such a great team of Caretakers!