Run the shelter 2018

Donation : $83,300.00/ $100,000.00

Over 200 dogs are in our care at the shelter. The limited staff takes care of them 24/7. Their duties include: feeding, socialization, cleaning, wound care, loving each dog as if their own.


Run the foster home 2018

Donation : $33,000.00/ $40,000.00

There are many sick dogs in the foster home. The staff takes care of them 24/7.  Car accident, Cancer, Distemper, Leg broken, TVT Cancer, Starvation different parasite, paralyze, dumped etc.


Feed street dogs 2018

Donation : $33,000.00/ $40,000.00

Every day, Michael J. Baines founder of TMTRD feeds 100 dogs who live on the street in Bangsaen, Thailand. 2 rounds in the morning and 1 round in evening. 


Other way to donate

PromptPay: 0818611164
Kasikorn Bank,
Laem Thong Branch,
699 205 3869
Michael J. Baines

SWISH: 1235871066
Rescue Dogs
Handelsbanken SHB, Mörby Centrum, Sweden.
Account number: 6920 834 941 538
BankGiro: 562-0166
BIC/IBAN HANDSESS / SE10 6000 0000 0008 3494 1538

**For Give.asias 

With your help We can continue to change their lives.

Your support is crucial to the work we do. We depend on donations to be able to continue to help the neglected and abused dogs. We rescue, medicate, rehabilitate socialize, vaccinate, spays and neuters, give them new homes and much, much more. Won't you please help us make their lives better?

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How can you help?

Send Donations

Money, food, medicine, blankets, toys, etc.
send to Michael J. Baines
42/5 Bangsaen Sai 4 Nue, T.Saensuk, A.Muang, Chonburi 20130. Thailand

Media Help

Share our work, make a clip, visit and take pictures, write a song, spread the word about the our work.

Become a Volunteer

help at the shelter, driving, finding homes for dogs, translating, painting murals, improving our website and a plethora of other opportunities as we care for roughly 300 dogs on a daily basis.

Chica – leg broken in 4 places

15 December, 2018Posted In : Cases

12 November 2018. Came over 2 dumped puppies when feeding the stray dogs. One was dead already and o READ MORE

Batgirl – Paralyzed and bone pipe sticking out

11 December, 2018Posted In : Cases

19 November 2018. I was on my way to Bangkok and passed this little female dog. I use to see her dai READ MORE


What people are saying about us.

  • circle

    I have been following Michael for some time now and donate whenever I can. Unlike many organisations and charities that fundraise on facebook I know that every single penny that I donate goes directly to Michael and that all of ends up going to help the animals that he rescues and cares for. Michael is an inspiration to thousands of animal lovers across the world, including myself, and I offer him huge thanks for the work that he is doing to help reduce the suffering of animals in his community.

    Peter Tucker
  • circle

    Vi har känt Michael sen ett tiotal år och vet vilket jobb han lägger ner, fantastiskt är ordet

    Göran Nolhus
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    เราสามารถเป็นส่วนหนึ่งในการร่วมช่วยเหลือสัตว์ที่ทุกข์ทรมานจากการถูกทำร้ายเจ็บป่วยและบาดเจ็บจากอุบัติเหตุเหล่านี้ได้ โดยการร่วมสมทบทุนคนละเล็กละน้อยกับทางเพจเพื่อต่อชีวิตให้เหล่าเพื่อนสี่ขากันได้นะคะ

    Lucy JaAeh
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    I wish we had more people like Michael and his team in this world, it would be so wonderful and very helpful for those poor strays out there. Michael is such an Angel. May God bless him, his rescuer friends and those babies under his watch. Thank you Michael… You are the BEST!

    Nina Hildreth
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    This organisation with Michael and his staff make a big differens in the area where they stay, working almost day and night to resques dog, they do an increadable job

    Thomas Melin (Adopter)