Tong – Leg cut off and owner don’t care

9th May 2018. This 2-3 years old female dog got her leg cut off in an accident. The owner didn’t care to visit a clinic or any medical attention, and left her to die. K. Nisa tried to get help using the many pages on Facebook to get people to step up. Not one stepped up, so they finally contacted us. K. Pornnapa drove her to us.
Thank you so much. Leg have visible bones sticking out. Can’t even imagine the pain. (Painkillers is given). She has blood parasite and severe anemia. Very malnourished. The dog is now at Smile Dog clinic where she will stay for some time.

12 May 2018. Tong is at the clinic waiting to get stronger so we can amputate the leg. She’s sweet but a bit insecure. Got me self a bark in the face when I saw her the first time yesterday. But established a beginning of a long friendship, with some yummy snacks.

30 May 2018. Tong had the surgery today, and amputated the leg. The leg was rotten inside, and if no surgery was made, she wouldn’t live for so much longer. She’s feeling fine and the operation went well.
4 June 2018. Tong had the surgery on 30 May, where we amputated the leg. The leg was rotten inside, and if no surgery was made, she wouldn’t live for so much longer. She’s feeling fine and the operation went well. This is her first steps after the surgery.

7th July 2018. Miss Tong lost her front leg a while back. Her previous owner said “let her die” instead of taking her to get help. When we took her away from her owner she was in very bad shape, anemic and the rotten leg was eating her up from the inside. We couldn’t operate her because of the anemia. After 3 weeks in the clinic it was time to amputate her leg. The surgery went well, and she’s now with us in the foster home. She went from hurt, scared and neglected dog to a happy little princess. Miss Tong, ladies and gentlemen.

update on 14 May 2019.

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