PONG SHELTER / SICK AREA needs our attention


On April 18, 2020.  We visited Pong Shelter, the poorly managed shelter outside of Pattaya. We dropped off much-needed medications (thank you all who donated towards the medication) and realized there is much more to be done. The area where they keep the sick dogs is small and filthy.

The dogs, cramped together, had nowhere to lay other than pools of dirty water and mud. We tried to save one dog in particular, the worst case they had, but tragically he died on the way to our clinic.

We are seeking to raise 30,000 baht for the absolutely necessary expansion of the area where they keep their sick dogs.

This will include:
?Sand fill
For this project we will use the TMTRD maintenance / construction team.
Our head vet, Dr. Kwan, will continue to his weekly visits, monitoring the health of the dogs and providing treatment for those that need it.

We can’t stand by and wait for someone else to solve this problem. These dogs need our help, and they need your help too. Please consider donating now.
❤️ With your help, we can do better

Pattaya shelter

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