Samlee – TVT in eyes

July 18, 2018. We drove around 40 minutes from our shelter to catch her.  Easy catch as Che can’t see behind the TVT and blood. Her age is around 2-3 and she’s very sweet. Chemotherapy #1 has been given already.READ MORE

Spirit- TVT and anemic

17 October 2018. This 6-7 year old dog was rescued in Pattaya by Mr Jonas from Norway. Difficulties breathing and very skinny. Jonas brought the dog to us and will be taken care of. He have blood parasite, anemia and TVT cancer.READ MORE

Loong – TVT in nasal area

June 6, 2018. A follower, Khun Aa, contacted me about this dog. Name is Mr Loong and he have TVT in his nasal area. Khun Aa had already tried to treat him in a clinic, but with very little improvement. READ MORE

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