Spirit- TVT and anemic

17 October 2018. This 6-7 year old dog was rescued in Pattaya by Mr Jonas from Norway. Difficulties breathing and very skinny. Jonas brought the dog to us and will be taken care of. He have blood parasite, anemia and TVT cancer.His name is Spirit.

30 October 2018. After 11 days in the clinic he’s doing a bit better, still very anemic. Chemotherapy treatment has been given and in a few more days he will join us at the shelter in our quarantine. Need to go to the clinic once a week for chemotherapy.

22 December 2018. Spirit is in a very good mood and is getting better and better. He eats a lot and have gained weight. The side effects from the chemotherapy is less also. He’s still under treatment.

5 February 2019. After staying in the quarantine area for 4 months to receive treatment for his TVT cancer and to get fully vaccinated, he’s finally healed and ready to enter our shelter.

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