Phoenix from Pravet.

19 January 2019. On 15 January me and 2 fellow dog rescuers went to the government run shelter outside Bangkok, Prawet to check on the dogs and the place.

We found quite many dogs that was in bad shape.
I picked out 15 dogs that needed urgent help.
Our veterinarian went there and tested all dogs for distemper, fortunately they were tested negative.
One of the dogs, we named him Phoenix, was in very bad shape. Completely unresponsive and couldn’t even stand up or even raise his head. We took him to our place.
At our clinic we tested his blood and he’s extremely anemic, and need blood. He was dehydrated and severely malnourished.
If would have left him, he would be dead today.
We will make sure he and his friends will be looked after.
This is his fight back to life.
Phoenix, ladies and gentlemen.

10 February 2019. After the blood transfusion Phoenix got better and was moved to the quarantine area. He’s doing worse now, and we suspect that the distemper virus he caught at the government run shelter, Pravet outside Bangkok, have entered his brain. He’s unable to stand up and we need to feed him and give IV fluids. He’s on medication and we will as usual do our best to make him well.

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