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The man that rescues dogs (TMTRD) was established in 2011 in Bangsaen Chonburi, Thailand, to help street dogs who had no one else to rely on for even basic care.

Initially, it began with a small number of dogs, which rose to 80, and continues to grow today. There yet remains many homeless, disabled, and sick dogs, who need vaccinations, medical care, and someone to care. The numbers are growing at an alarming rate due to lack of sterilization (spay/neuter) programs, education, and lack of concern for responsible pet ownership by many. Countless dogs are just "dumped" every day to fend for themselves, and not all can master it alone. This only contributes to and highlights the plight of the stray dog. TMTRD, a non-profit organization was created to provide, etc. Funding then, as it is now, depends on individuals who share the vision of our founders.

What we do? See Our Works

Rescue dogs

We rescue dogs on the street or sick dogs. We go to catch the dog around our area by Net or Darting.

Feed street dogs

It is the first start of TMTRD NGO. Michael J. Baines feed 60-80 street dogs in Bangsaen.

Care for Shelter

We manage Municipality shelter, extend and look after the dog.

Medical Care

We also have a clinic for medical care, spay and neuter, operator etc.

Helping stray dogs

Help us cover the basic costs. We care for around 400 dogs daily. We calculate that one dog costs 35 baht per day. (1.2 US$) Food, medicine, staff, transport etc.


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Michael J. Baines