Meet Naam, Dtai, Meem, and Kat


❤️ At TMTRD we have a great team which we’d like to start introducing.

Naam started working at TMTRD in August of 2019. She was initially assigned to the Care Unit where she quickly formed a close bond with Kwan of The Wheelchair Mafia. As TMTRD grew and expanded, we needed her driving experience to feed the street dogs and go on rescue operations. Naam also regularly drives dogs from our sanctuary to appointments with specialists in Bangkok and the surrounding areas. She’s a dedicated and versatile staff member who can work anywhere in the shelter.

Dtai, also known as Rabbit, started at TMTRD in February of 2018. She’s another versatile team member who can work anywhere in the shelter when needed. Her three and a half years at TMTRD have seen her assigned to nearly every job at the sanctuary. She currently oversees the quarantine unit where her caring nature and attention to detail make her a perfect companion to the newly admitted dogs to our sanctuary. She also feeds the street dogs a few days each week and is “must have” on the team when it comes to a rescue operation.

Kat began working at TMTRD in March of 2019. Originally from Laos, she has lived in Thailand for over 7 years.
She can work in all areas of the shelter and can often be found preparing the food for 950 dogs, covering the quarantine unit when needed, and walking dogs. And believe us, she can walk a lot of dogs! Another great and versatile asset to the team, we’re glad to have Miss Kat on board.

Meem started at TMTRD in September of 2020. Her first assignment was in Shelter Number One where she helped care for the 190+ dogs in that section. She quickly showed she was up for more, so her responsibilities grew. She cooks the boiled meats and rice in the kitchen that feeds the 600 dogs at our sanctuary and 350 on the streets, a task that takes up most of her morning. She also walks dogs in the late morning and early afternoons. Meem also lends a hand at the quarantine section and anywhere else in the sanctuary that needs help. Her superpower is being able to give a dog their medication as if it were nothing at all. Her calm presence is great benefit to all at TMTRD.

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