Mom – Paralyze

26th March 2018. The Male dog, approximately 4-5 years old. Living at a market and a temple. Around 1 month ago he got hit by a car and went paralyzed in his back legs. People at the market took turns in caring for him as good as they could. Recently he started to feel worse and they contacted us. Moom is admitted at the clinic with IV fluids. He can’t walk as it is now. We found no trauma on the x-ray.

26th September 2018. He’s been with us 6 months now. When we took him in, he wasn’t able to move at all. We had to feed him by hand. Now he sits up by himself, eats, drinks, spending time in his wheelchair and swims daily. Moom is much better now.

25 January 2019. 10 months ago, Moom was hit by a car, and wasn’t able to move for 3 months. We had to feed him by hand. One day he was able to sit up and also moved himself. We moved him to the foster home where we did water therapy and placed him in a wheelchair daily. Yesterday, we took him outside in the wheelchair, and he walked!! He is definitely making progress, have taken some time, and that’s what we give them, time.
Good work Moom!!

12 March 2019. AMAZING!!
Moom is standing up by himself!!
When rescued he could not move, eat or drink by himself. Look at him now!

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