RIP Liza – Need blood, malnourished and diabetic

? Liza was brought to us on 5 February in a terrible condition. Severely malnourished, extreme anemia, diabetic and almost blind. We gave her a blood transfusion and cared for her daily.

Insulin injections twice a day and fed her 3 times a day.
She liked to stay by herself and did not bother anyone. Her trust for humans increased while staying with us.
Last night she passed away.
We will miss her. RIP dear girl. 
4 May 2018 

Liza came to us in 2018, February 5th. The female dog around 2-3 years old. She’s extremely malnourished, dehydrated, blood parasite, most probably diabetic and on top of that, she needs blood.  She can’t walk and she can only sit a few minutes, probably because she has no nutrition in her body.
We will send in the gang from the shelter first thing tomorrow morning to do a blood matching.
Now she’s admitted and receive IV fluids
on 6th, she needs blood. Charcoal, the dog at shelter save her life, It called “stray helping stray”.
on 8th February,  Liza is feeling a bit better. She’s getting special food for diabetic dogs. The veterinarian will check her glucose levels every 2 hours.
She’s not strong enough to stand up, and she can only sit up short periods.
Liza got a blood transfusion 2 days ago, and that saved her life.
Now we will work on getting her back in shape.