Jersey (died)- Pyometra, TVT, blood parasite

13 November 2018. Had lunch at a local restaurant and came across this extremely skinny female. I lifted her into my car and drove to the clinic. She have Pyometra, TVT, blood parasite, very anemic and kidney failure. The Pyometra is most important to operate her for. She’s admitted. We named her Jersey
16 November 2018. Jersey is doing a bit better. Eats and rests. Monitored by the vets and staff at the clinic.

2 December 2018. Jersey is doing much better. Eats a lot and rests. She don’t have renal failure any longer. We checked her blood today and she did fine. Scheduled for operation on 2 December to remove the Pyometra.

26 December 2018. Jersey’s operation went well. The Pyometra was removed and also her dead piece of the tail. Now we are facing another problem, maybe she have Osteosarcoma or Osteomyelitis (bone cancer) and that’s not good at all. We will try to treat Jersey for the symptoms she have, and then see.

24 January 2019. Jersey is back with us after the amputation of her beck leg, as it had cancer that spread. She will rest for a while now and then to the foster place to stay with friends.

26 January 2019. So sorry to announce that Jersey passed away last night.
We can’t really say what was the cause of death.
RIP dear girl, we gave you 2.5 months of love and care, sad it wasn’t longer.

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