Faarang - cancer

(RIP) Farrang – mast cell cancer

August 22, 2018. This dog is named “Farrang” she’s around 3-4 years old and have cancer just under the skin. The cancer form is named mast cell cancer and it will be removed it by surgery. 

September 5, 2018. Farrang have not received any blood transfusion. And at the moment we can’t operate. He will be on a special medication to see if the cancer will decrease. Cost per day is 360 baht for this medication. Can be all from 2 – 6 weeks treatment.

September 15, 2018. Farrang could not have any surgery for the cancer, and has been on special meds for 11 days now. Cancer is decreasing in size. Meds costs 360 baht per day (10 US$)

28 September 2018. RIP Farang. he don’t make it.

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