Damm – live in the box

Damm – live in the box

August 2, 2018. Sad story.. she’s been living in a box since she was born, only out for a few minutes a day. she was born paralyzed, and with a birth defect on front leg and on back leg. She was born on the streets.  People in the area took turns in feeding her. They put her in a box to prevent getting her legs scraped and harm herself. As she grow older, she wanted to move around more, of course. The people ask us to take her in. And she will be with us now. She’s around 2 years old and her name is Miss Damm. She’s our 12th dog that’s paralyzed.

August 18, 2018. Damm has been with us for 2 weeks now. She’s still in quarantine with some new friends. We have found a home for her, and will soon send her there.

August 25, 2018.  Damm has been with us for 3 weeks now. She’s still in quarantine with some new friends. We have found a home for her, and will soon send her there. She passed the titre test and is now in the foster home.

27 December 2018. Damm, that we rescued in August this year from spending her time in a box for years, and we found a home for, is back with us from yesterday.
�We have asked the adopter for pictures and updates of the dogs she adopted from us, she didn’t provide us with pics.
Did not even bother to read the messages and also not bother to pick up the phone when we called.
�Finally we got some pictures sent to us and what I saw was alarming, Damm lying on a small bed inside a cage.�Extremely bad shape, skinny and an old dirty bandage around her foot.�I told my staff to go there, and after hours we finally found the house.
We took Damm and Eye with us.
To the clinic and ran the usual tests.

It shows she is extremely anemic and she needs blood.
kidney failure and also a rotten leg into the bones.
According to the vet, Damm would have died in 2 days from now.
we will do our best, as always.

Yes, we do check the adopter before we approve, but sometimes we can fail and believe what they say and show us.

we found a matching donor. She’s receiving blood now.

11 January 2019. After living with her adopter who almost killed her, in only 28 days. Kidney failure, liver, severe anemic, lost 20% of her weight, she’s almost back to normal. Except the rotten leg that was unattended from the adopter, needs to be amputated. Today Damm will go under surgery.
Good luck Damm.

15 January 2019. UPDATE. The operation went well. She’s moving around. She will get a hang of this. A fighter and a survivor of animals neglect!!

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