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  • Mr. Milo

Milo is one of those extreme cases that will restore your faith in humanity. Michael J. Baines, or The Man That Rescues Dogs, has devoted his life to saving strays on the streets of Thailand. Milo was discovered at only seven months old in dire need of food, water and medical attention by some students near the University of Bangsaen. Michael treated Milo at his clinic for 50 days until the dog was completely transformed. Michael even set him up in a forever home with a family living in Phoenix, Arizona.
One day, a skinny, malnourished dog came by the restaurant where he worked, carrying brand new puppies– and a bad infection.
Sick with severe Demodex mange, dumped and left to die only 7 months old.
Rescued on the 7 October 2016.
Around 70 days later, with medication and love from humans and dogs, he’s on his way to his new forever home in Phoenix, USA and will live with Meadow Linden and her family.
This is my tribute clip to the fighter and survivor, the precious and beautiful boy Milo.
I have rescued many dogs throughout the years, finding homes for many.
Milo is one of them, but for me, Milo is one of the very special dogs.
He has touched my heart and soul and his paw prints will stay with me forever.
His journey to survive have touched thousands of people around the world.
At this very moment Milo sitting on a plane, maybe flying above some of his many fans right now.

  • Mr. Gonzo
  • Mr. Gonzo
  • Mr. Gonzo

Mr. Gonzo

After Valentine day, Rescued male dog. Drove 4 hours to pick him up. Took only 30 seconds to catch him. He’s around 8-10 years old, I named him “Gonzo” Very severe TVT cancer in the nose area and inside his mouth.  Blood parasite positive, anemia, dehydration and malnourished.

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