• Mr. Gonzo
  • Mr. Gonzo
  • Mr. Gonzo
After Valentine day, Rescued male dog. Drove 4 hours to pick him up. Took only 30 seconds to catch him. He’s around 8-10 years old, I named him “Gonzo” Very severe TVT cancer in the nose area and inside his mouth.  Blood parasite positive, anemia, dehydration and malnourished. 

Rescue Date: 15 Feb 2017
From where: Rayong, 4 hr. from Bangsaen, Chonburi.
Age: 8-10 Years old.
Gender: Male
– Very severe TVT cancer in the nose area and inside his mouth
– Blood parasite, anemia,
– Dehydration and Malnourished.
– 7 Chemotherapy injection
– Admitted 14 days
– Rehabilitation 2 months (March – April)
– Re home 4 months (May – Sep)
Got home: 12 Sep 2017 and back to us on January 2018
Status: spend his life at foster home with his friends.


  • Mr. Milo
  • Mr. Milo
  • Mr. Milo

Mr. Milo

Milo is one of those extreme cases that will restore your faith in humanity. Michael J. Baines, or The Man That Rescues Dogs, has devoted his life to saving strays on the streets of Thailand. Milo was discovered at only seven months old in dire need of food, water and medical attention by some students near the University of Bangsaen.