The Dog nature park.

01 February, 2019 Bangpra, Chonburi, Thailand, Goals
Donation : / $20,000.00 DONATE NOW

At then moment we have 3500 sqm for the dogs to be on, double size means we can take in the 40 dogs waiting in the small temporary shelter. And also take in some more dogs that needs our help.

At the moment we are full.
Please help us make the Dog Park.

another expansion coming up.
We are expanding into the forest next to the existing shelter.
The district of Chonburi was kind to offer the space to us and the dogs.
The space is 10 meter wide and 300 meters long. And will be left as it is with trees and bushes and some big rocks.

We need to build a fence around the area, so the dogs won’t run away.
Cost per meter of the fence is 2000 baht (60 US$) total around 650 000 baht (20 000 US$)
Would you like to have yours or your company name on the big donation sign, donate for minimum 1 meter and your wish will come true.

Donate 6000 baht and you will have your name on the fence on a individual plaque.

You donate the whole amount, you will be able to name the park.

Thank you the district of Chonburi, Municipality of Saensuk and mayor Mr Narongchai “Tui” Khunpluem