New shelter area

23 February, 2019 Bangpra, Chonburi, Thailand, Goals
Donation : $8,300.00/ $21,000.00 DONATE NOW

The plan of expanding into the forest next to the existing shelter was put on hold as its public area and we have no permission to make anything on that land. We planned the new place, not far from the existing shelterAnd we got the permission from Municipality of Saensuk and the major Mr. Narongchai “Tui” Khunpluem to make a new shelter.

The area will be around 800 sqm
And be the home for around 100 dogs.
We will make a spacious kitchen in new are to prepare the food for all dogs.

We need to build a 200 meters fence around the area.
Cost per meter of the fence is 2000 baht (70 US$) total around 400 000 baht (14 000 US$)
Kitchen area, water tanks, water pumps, equipment, lamps, electric, will cost around 250 000 baht.
Total cost 650 000 baht for the project.

Would you like to have yours or your company name on the big donation sign, donate for minimum 1 meter, 70 USD (2000 baht) and your wish will come true?

Donate 200 USD (6000 baht) and you will have your name on the fence on an individual plaque.

Send me the proof of payment in a pm or mail:

Today we have 380 dogs on 2600 sqm and we are full.
Many dogs are waiting to get help.

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