New shelter area

Donation : $5,800.00/ $21,000.00

The plan of expanding into the forest next to the existing shelter was put on hold as its public area and we have no permission to make anything on that land. We planned the new place, not far from the existing shelter.


Help us cover the basic costs

Donation : $45,000.00/ $189,800.00

We care for around 520 dogs daily in our care.
– 300 in the shelter.
– 60 in foster.
– 160 dogs on the streets.
We calculate that one dog costs 1 US$/day.


Run the shelter 2018

Over 200 dogs are in our care at the shelter. The limited staff takes care of them 24/7. Their duties include: feeding, socialization, cleaning, wound care, loving each dog as if their own.