Chica – leg broken in 4 places

12 November 2018. Came over 2 dumped puppies when feeding the stray dogs. One was dead already and one, Little Chica, was in very bad shape.  Ticks and fleas all over her body. She was in pain, and after x-ray, it showedREAD MORE

Puppy in temple – Parvovirus

30 November 2018. This puppy lives at a temple after being dumped. The head monk noticed the puppy was not feeling well. Puppy was sent to the clinic and he his diagnosed with parvovirus. We will help with the costs.READ MORE

Somtam – Cat – hernia

23 November 2018. This cat was brought to the clinic a few days back by a follower. Cat hadn’t eaten for days and had a lump on his belly. Today he was operated for a hernia and also to remove feces from the intestines. READ MORE