Beach (RIP)- lung problems

8 March 2019.Got notified about this dogs from a few followers. A dog lying in the beach, near us, unable to walk. We went there and took her in.

After x – ray shows she have diaphragm hernia and problems with her lung. Apparently she was in a car accident a month ago. She’s able to walk short distances, but not being able to get enough oxygen, she can not walk for long. She’s with us now. She will need a surgery, without it she will probably die. Surgery is 50/50 chance – risk.
We named her Beach

10 March 2019.
Miss beach did not make it.
She passed away last night.
If she would have got help the same time as the accident a month ago, she would have lived today.
Please when you see a dog have an accident or sick, take to a clinic as fast as you can.
Waiting doesn’t heal the dog.
RIP dear Beach.

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