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The man that rescues dogs organization, TMTRD volunteer handbook.
       Welcome to the TMTRD organization’s sanctuary and foster place for stray dogs and special need dogs. We are glad that you chose our place to volunteer. Here is some information about us, what we do, what you will do and some precautions if something happens.

This is our story…
Michael J. Baines, president, and co-founder of TMTRD
Michael J. Baines, president, and co-founder of TMTRD is a Swedish entrepreneur who moved to Thailand and opened his restaurant in Bangsaen, Chonburi, Thailand.
As it was unavoidable, every day he would find many stray dogs on the streets, most of them in a very poor state. He started helping them as much as he possibly could, driving around the city after work to feed and treat them. Some needed urgent medical care so vet visits have become part of his day. In a very short time, he started rescue/ rehabilitation and rehoming on his free time away from work. All of this was done with no financial assistance from the government but luckily, he had help from friends and followers in Thailand, Europe, USA and many other countries around the world. This he started in 2011.

The man that rescues dogs non-profit organization.
The man that rescues dogs (TMTRD) was established in 2011 in Bangsaen Chonburi, Thailand, to help street dogs who had no one else to rely on for even basic care.
Initially, it began with a small number of dogs, which rose to 80 and continued to grow, until today with 530 dogs in TMTRD care.
In 2013 TMTRD officially became a Nonprofit organization in Sweden with the help of Mr. Hans Tjernström, Michael’s good friend, and partner.
In May 2016, Michael established his first Foster Home for dogs by renting a house and hiring staff to look after the dogs.
In April 2017, Michael signed MOU with Bangsaen Municipality to manage and expand the local shelter of 150 sq.m for 80 existing dogs at the time.

However, in 2017, the foster home had to be moved to his main shelter because of numerous complains from the neighbors.
In 2018, TMTRD has 435 dogs under its’ care. This consists of 265 dogs in the shelter, 60 dogs in the foster home and 100 dogs on the streets.
We have already submitted the documents for becoming a non-profit organization here in Thailand.

From 11 March 2019, we are a registered and approved foundation in Thailand.

Foster home
Foster home was established in May 2016. It shelters many sick, old and paralyzed dogs. There are 5 staff members caring for these dogs 24 /7. Currently, with 60 dogs in the foster home, their duties include walking dogs twice a day, supervising water therapy for the dogs with special needs, cleaning wounds daily to prevent infections, keeping track of their medications and most importantly socializing them so it can bring the dogs one step closer to finding homes.

We have been managing the Shelter since March 2017 and signed the MOU (memorandum of understanding) in April of the same year. We have extended from small concrete block to 3500 sqm with currently 255 dogs in there. The area has a pool, 2 big concrete bridges (9×9 meter) where the dogs can stay on top or underneath. We have concrete furniture for the dogs to sleep on or under.
A kitchen where we prepare food for them twice a day. And many other obstacles such as concrete cylinders and bamboo houses for the dogs to find shelter. 5 staff takes care of the shelter, clean, prepare food, make sure the dogs are happy and healthy.

We are 13 full-time staff who works in different areas.
in the shelter, we have 6 staff and the foster home we have 5 staff. Onboard is a veterinarian who lives on site together with the staff in the foster home. We have one admin who works in BKK, she adds all the dogs into the management system, works with adoptions, social media, clips, PR, exhibitions, etc.
We do not only care for the dogs’ wellbeing and safety, but we also try to prevent animal abuse and neglect of dogs, and other animals, outside our premises, and are doing the best we can to make sure the people follow the laws and the police do something about it.

What you will do
What you will do, is working with the dogs. A day can look like this.
You start at 7 am and join in preparing food and feed the dogs in the foster home.
After that clean pots and bowls, change drinking water, do laundry, pick up poo, clean the place, water therapy and walking the dogs.
if you work in the shelter, it is almost the same job, but with more dogs. Socializing and hugging is very important, and that you will spend a lot of time doing.
Being a volunteer means you sign up for a commitment, and are expected to work. You will work from 7 am to 4 pm with breaks for lunch and also some rest, because it can be hot some hours during the day. You will have one day off per week.
You are here of free will, and of course, we can not force you to stay.
But, as a volunteer we expect you to come here as agreed. If you need an extra day off, we appreciate that you tell us a few days in advance. Common sense is to be used. As we are planning the job around the volunteer also.

     Sometimes fights can occur between the dogs. It can be food related but also jealousy, especially when people, we, enter the shelter.
As we enter the shelter, some dogs like to follow us and walk through different territories and that can meet up the system, and also start fights.
     If you see a fight, never ever try to separate them using your hands close to the head/mouth. Find the nearest water bowl and throw the water on the dogs, if you have a hose nearby, use that one and spray until they stop, keep an eye on them that they really move on.
If water doesn’t work, aim for the back legs, lift them up in them up and move backward. They will lose balance and stop the fight. Let go when the dog has settled down.
If you get bitten, clean the wound with soap and water, and we will drive you to the nearest hospital for tetanus and rabies shot.
If a big fight has occurred, please notify our staff so we can check if they are wounded or hurt.
Keep calm and check the dogs around you while playing or interact with them, keep an eye open and be alert if you sense a fight coming up, if it happens, move away from the dogs.

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