Barry – Severe distemper case

28 March 2019. A follower contacted us about a dog who couldn’t walk.
She took the dog to an abandoned house and kept him there for the time being.

She cleaned his wounds and made sure he ate and drank.
We picked him up today, severely dehydrated and distemper in his brain.
Unable to walk and drink by himself.
He’s at our clinic now and will receive IV fluids, vitamins and medication.
Have to wait for the blood report to see what else is wrong.

This is what distemper, second stage, looks like.
A concerned citizen alerted TMTRD about a dog in very poor condition.
Bones exposed and suffering from distemper, he arrived at the shelter where he is now.
Hand feeding, medication, tucked in bed and cared for 24/7.
It’s hard to look at, but he really does improve every day.
All of this, and much more happens because of your donations. His name is Barry and we just gave him a second chance in life.

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