AomNoi – paralyzed

1 November 2018. We were contacted by the admins of the page RakMaaJung, to help this little 4-5 months old pup. She was hit by a car and wasn’t able to move, not even her head. She was moved to us a few days back and is admitted to the clinic. Seems like the body have been shut down to be able to heal. Yesterday she could raise her head a bit and for a few seconds. That’s an improvement.
Her name is AomNoi.

21 November 2018. AomNoi was in a car accident and most probably got a concussion which affected her ability to walk and even eat by herself. After around 3 weeks in hospital care, she’s now walking again. A bit wobbly still, but that will be fine. Yesterday she was taken from the clinic and is now at our quarantine rooms.

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