Alin and Alan – 2 puppies rescued sarcoptic mange

3 June 2019. These small sick puppies were found at a temple. We were contacted by a fellow rescuer about them. We went today and picked them up. Unfortunately a few had died already, but two are safe with us now.Will treat them for sarcoptic mange and yeast.
They are in a good mood and playing with each other.

7 June 2019.
The puppies are ok, eating and playing and have small sweatshirt on them.
It’s raining and it’s a bit chilly

14 June 2019.
10 days with us now. The itching is less, and they get along great with the older dogs. They eat, play and sleep as puppies do at their age.

21 June 2019.
The two puppies are getting better and better from the parvovirus. Eating normal and playing.

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